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Jun 252014

New Beginnings

This week is not going to be very constructive for new recipes, so I might just have to bring up some old ones from our archives for you to enjoy. You see, our first great-grandson decided he was ready to make his presence into this world a little earlier than expected! Ulric was born last evening to our granddaughter Chey and her fiance Eric with her mom and sister present for the great occasion. Kenny and I were there too, but opted to stay in the waiting room for the news to come. Ulric weighed in at a healthy 7 pounds and 4 ounces and is as cute as a button, of course I can say that, as I’m the great-grandma. It was a long day since we left here around 9 AM and got home around 9:30 in the evening and us old farts are paying for it today in more ways than one. We ate in the hospital cafeteria as we did not want to leave the hospital, and sure enough all our stomachs are feeling a little out of kilter today from the food that seemed okay but soon turned our bellies into that feeling of “Oh what did you do to me”! I asked husband what he wanted to eat today and his reply was, “Some good home cooked food!”, and so I am indulging him in his request. Chey will be coming home tomorrow with her new pride and joy and we will be making another trip to Gainsville in the very near future for a more comfortable visit in his own surroundings where we can start getting to know him better.

Lil Bear is here!

Lil Bear didn’t like the flash!


On another note, Kenny got another tractor on Monday and this one, although still an oldie, it does have a bucket, YEAH! Maybe now I can get him out of my hair a little and get some much needed yard work done that we have been putting off because of the rain and the fact we did not have a bucket to move some dirt around and take out some overgrown vines blocking out our pathway to the woods. Also have some trees down that we need to get to for our firewood next year, and let me tell you, I am ready for the fall already and it’s only June!

1972 John Deere 820 WITH...BUCKET!

1972 John Deere 820 WITH…BUCKET!


Last but not least, I can’t wait for Christmas (REALLY) and might have to celebrate a little early when the temps cool off with some homemade eggnog. When junking at the thrift stores last week, I heard Kenny, who was right around the corner from me, saying out loud “What the heck is this?” Well I kind of pushed him out of the way a little so I could see too and what he discovered was a replica of the Marty Moose eggnog punch bowl set seen on National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Now, I don’t know if all of you know this about me but, I love my moosies and have many in my decor around the house. So to find this set was like hitting the lotto and we stole it for a mere $10 and let me tell you, you can’t find it anywhere on the internet even close to that bargain price. It is in pristine shape with the punch bowl and four mugs; it is even stamped with Warner Bros. on the bottom of each piece so I knew it couldn’t be a sham!

Mary Moose Punch Bowl Set!

Marty Moose Punch Bowl Set!

So with all that I hope you can see what a week it has been, our first great-grandson Ulric, another more useful tractor and another Moose collectible for our home, wow and it’s only Wednesday!

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