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Jun 172013

Loony Tune June Holidays II

Why I left this to Monday, I’ll never understand, especially after a Sunday holiday. However, I’ll try to put some humor in these crazy days that mark the last half of the month!

Besides Father’s Day yesterday the 16th was No Orange Clothes Day and I hope that the former President Bush was warned! I don’t know if anyone saw it, but Mrs. Bush gave a whole rendition of her husband’s odd habit of wearing crazy colored socks these days and Mrs. Bush had a good laugh along with the audience as she showed a lot of pictures of this weird habit that he has started!

Picture doesn't do the socks justice, they were really orange!

Picture doesn’t do the socks justice, they were really orange!

Today, the 17th, is Mud Pack Day, something our yard and ourselves have seen way too much of lately. It is now dry again thank God and although I like to have some rain, we don’t need 4 or 5 inches at one time! What happened to those summer showers we used to get in the afternoon here in Florida? I guess we should be thankful that it’s not like Noah’s time!

The 19th is World Sauntering Day, so? Eat an Oreo Day and Garfield The Cat Day also on this date, so grab up a big glass of milk with some Oreo cookies and read Garfield’s comic strip, it will put a smile on your face every time!

Yes, Monday's Suck!

Yes, Monday’s Suck!

The 20th is Juggling Day and I would dedicate this one to all the ladies out there, as we are always juggling things in our everyday life, the kids, chores, errands and cooking, just to name a few!

World Handshake Day is on the 21st which is strange in the fact that, we also have National Handshake Day on the 24th and just plain ole Handshake Day on the 28th. Why didn’t they just combine them  all to one day you ask, hell if I know! Today is also Take Your Dog To Work Day and I don’t think there are too many jobs out there where that would be appropriate. Can you see the butcher taking his dog Butch to the shop with him, there wouldn’t be anything left to sell in the meat counter!

So cute!

So cute!

The 22nd is Stupid Guy Thing Day, need I say anymore ladies?

On the 23rd we have Let It Go Day, don’t tell this to someone hanging off the side of a cliff, nope not a good idea at all! Today is also Pink Flamingo Day and living in Florida, you get your fill of seeing these EVERYWHERE in people’s lawns. I say it’s time to let the flamingo go people!

International Fairy Day is on the 24th. I can attest to fairies being real, as they left me money under my pillow when they took my teeth when I was a kid, really! Today is also National Go Fly A Kite Day, not to be confused with Go Fly A Kite Day back on the 15th, again why didn’t they make it all one day, I get so confused and that’s not hard for me at my age! And this one, Log Cabin Day is today or possibly on the 30th, two conflicting dates on this one but I’d take it everyday as that is one of our dreams.

We'll take it!

We’ll take it!

The 26th is a good one, Please Take My Children To Work, someone desperate must have come up with this one, for sure!

Well hope it’s your birthday on the 27th because it’s Happy Birthday To You Day, some of this stuff is just too silly!

The 28th holds yet another Gone-Ta-Pott Day, how many of these can we celebrate in one year?

Well that was a chore for me today and glad it’s over as I have more pickles to get into my freezer and another batch to put together. Hope you enjoyed, maybe next month I’ll be in better form!


Apr 262012

National Pretzel Day

Another day, another excuse to indulge!



Pretzels I believe, are loved by everyone and are as old as the hills as a baked snack. Well, I’m not sure President George Bush still likes them, as he choked on one back in 2002 and passed out, not a fun thing to have happen. He told a press conference after the incident “When you’re eating pretzels, always chew before you swallow. Listen to your mother”! He sustained a bruise on his cheek from the attack of the pretzel…….


Now the origin of the pretzel is not exactly known, but has many theories. My favorite one is that the monks invented them back in 600’s to reward children for learning their prayers ( I went to Catholic school for years and the nuns never gave us pretzels for learning, what’s up with that?). Their shape was said to resemble people crossing their chests with their arms. The Pennsylvania Dutch were responsible for bringing the treat to the United States; gotta love them for this tasty gift brought from Europe!


Did you know that there is a Pretzel Museum, Pretzel Park with pretzel shaped paths,  roller coasters shaped like pretzels, and the list goes on. Pretzels are pretty versatile, they’re great for dipping in onion dip, crushed up atop a salad, used for a coating for chops or chicken, mixed in your homemade trail mix and husband and I’s favorite one is just good ole “Pretzels & Beer”!


Well it’s getting late and I hear an ice cold beer calling from the frig, til tomorrow! Cheers……..




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