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Jul 242012

Innocent   Guilty   Death Penalty

Hanging tree in Brooksville, Florida where we used to live in front of the courthouse!

It’s late and I’m so mad at our, don’t step on people’s toes society, I can’t sleep!

For years it has been the law that you are innocent until proven guilty, no problem yet. However, when someone is seen shooting, killing, and is taken down at the scene of the crime, why is this person not automatically guilty in a court of law and given the same punishment that he or she gave to their victims? My sister upon raising teenage boys, always told me that children are guilty until proven innocent, a practice I used myself raising my daughter and one I found to be normally true to it’s word, at least with kids whom are always try to come off innocent!

After watching the news coverage of the “SUSPECTED” killer of many innocent victims in Colorado in the courtroom today, I was sickened by thought that we could not just lock him up and throw away the key, or take him out and shoot him in front of the movie theater where he shot and killed so many innocent people. Let’s go back to the public hangings in front of the court house for all to see what happens when you break the law and willingly kill for the sake of killing. I’m saying here, that when there is no doubt of guilt, get rid of the slime that invaded our freedom and save the taxpayer’s monies by a swift and speedy trial and death to follow. We do not need to keep this person as a specimen to find out what goes on in his brain or what made him freak out, he did it and he is guilty, end of story!

A perfect example that I can remember here in Florida, a man who opened fire into a Winn Dixie store back in 1987, killing people and ended up dying on death row many years later, all to the cost of us law abiding taxpayers! WHY I ask?

As my husband and I are both licensed to carry concealed weapons here in Florida, we respect our right to bear arms and if we had been in that theater, maybe we could have saved lives, not taken them as the SUSPECT felt, was his right! In most countries as well as the states in America who allow law abiding citizens to carry firearms, the crime rate is significantly LOWER, not higher, than in other countries and states where you can not own a gun. As you can tell, I am totally fed up with the system we live under, and are sinking into, more and more every day! If anyone out there disagrees with me, please feel free to give me your opinion as I am always open for CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, as long as you have the facts to back your story……

I refuse to mention any names in this article, as I will not give fame and fortune to those who kill for no reason and also for the respect of their families who are possibly innocent of their relatives involvement in any such crimes!

Kenny and I’s prayers (God first) goes out to the victims family and friends, our thoughts next, and last but not least, our condolences to the families for those who didn’t make it through the night…………God bless and may we see a swift verdict for the ALLEGED VICTIM, I say give him DEATH and let God deal with him in the after world!

Ironically, it is 12:20 and now I will probably have nightmares after looking at the clock, maybe a little Nyquil to help me sleep…………..

I wrote this last night as I  said in the beginning of the story, but didn’t want to post it until I reread it in the light of the day!

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