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Jun 012013

Loony Tune June Holidays

It’s that time again, the first of the month and if the sun didn’t burn out my brain too much this morn while mowing the yard, I’ll try to entertain you with some more crazy holidays! Again this month I had some conflicting dates to some of the holidays, so I’ll give you both and you can pick your own!

The 1st, today, is National Go Barefoot Day, nothing too crazy here as I sit here typing with no shoes on. Or maybe it is crazy, as husband tells I am all the time! Say Something Nice Day is also today and something that comes to mind is my mom who always said, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all!” Tell that to some of these people on Face Book who like to air out their dirty laundry for everyone to see!

Who are these people with all these white clothes anyway?

Who are these people with all these white clothes anyway?

On the 2nd, we have National Bubba Day, Dare Day and Leave the Office Early Day and I dare you to leave the office early if your work isn’t finished or the boss may finish you early with a pink slip! The latter of these holidays has 2 possible dates, today and tomorrow.

National Itch Day falls on the 3rd and we also have Repeat Day. National Itch Day falls on the 3rd and we also have Repeat Day, oops, already did that!

The 4th is Old Maids Day, and not sure if that refers to women who aren’t married by the age of whenever or if it’s time to get out a deck of cards and play a game or two. And then we have Do Dah Day which is suppose to be a salute to silliness, but being the old person I am, makes me think of the song Camp Town Races! Come on some of you remember that one, camp town races, sing this song, do dah, do dah, etc.

Do dah, do dah!

Do dah, do dah!

National Yo Yo Day is on the 5th and a few years ago, I bought Kenny a Duncan yo-yo for Christmas, just can’t seem to get the kid out of him! Oops, another song to get stuck in your head, a little newer than the last song mentioned so maybe more of our followers can recall it, it’s Be-Bop-A Lula Day! Gene Vincent was the artist way back in 1958, imagine that!

The 6th is June Bug Day and I keep telling husband, love bugs ARE NOT June bugs, but he won’t listen to me! Today is also Drive-In Movie Day and I wish they still existed so husband and I could go necking, I didn’t just print that, did I?

National Shampoo Week is kicked off on the 7th and I ask you, isn’t every day shampoo day? Today is also Daniel Boone Day which brings back fond memories of B&W TV sitting down with the whole, yes the whole family for a night in front of the boob tube watching the big man. Can anyone remember what night it was on, Saturday or Sunday? Today is also VCR Day and the only dinosaur that I know that still has one and uses it, is my sister!

What were they watching?

What were they watching?

The 8th is Upsy Daisy Day, remember as a kid, if you fell, your parent would say upsy daisy, help you up and you were on your way, forgetting about what just happened because you wanted to play? Good ole days!

More sweet memories comes on the 9th with Donald Duck Day! Remember when, I think Sweden, banned him because he didn’t wear pants? Today’s correctness has gone a little too far out in left field for me, how bout you? The government will ban Elmer Fudd next cause he’s always totin a rifle in order to shoot that pesky wabbit! World Wind Day also falls on this date, don’t ask me as I haven’t a clue!

They finally made him wear pants, well at least chaps! Turn around Donald!

They finally made him wear pants, well at least chaps! Turn around Donald!

Oh sweet thirteen! The 13th is Kitchen Klutzes of America Day and if you follow us on a regular basis, you know I fit right into this one but not just on this day, but every day, or well almost, another story, another day! After husband and I had been together for awhile, he never understood how I could be a waitress for so long as I was always dropping things, left and right! Of course, I did have a few disasters during my waitressing days! Oh, by the way, thirteen is my lucky number, so I think I’ll be safe in the kitchen; fingers are now crossed!

Pig Callers Day is on the 14th and can remember some customer who used to walk in the restaurant where I worked and do a sooie  to let everyone know he was there, talk about crazy! Of course, the restaurant was kinda like the bar on Cheers, where everyone knew everyone!

And to end the first half of this month, we have Go Fly A Kite Day on the 15th and Wicket World Of Croquet Day. Sounds like an outside kind of day to me!

Kenny's idea of a partner for croquet and I like it because he'd be so distracted he's LOSE!

Kenny’s idea of a partner for croquet and I like it because he’d be so distracted he’s LOSE!

We have the croquet set, anyone game? Come on down and we can play a very unorthodox game, husband’s version, and if it’s windy, we also have a kite! Sounds like fun………..See ya towards the middle of the month for the rest of the holidays………………Enjoy and have a great weekend everyone!



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