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Dec 032015

Fried Green Tomato BLT

I smell BACON!!!

I smell BACON!!!

Again today I am going to start off with something different than today’s recipe. Kenny and I are great-grandparents again! Niklaus Harper Norman came to us last night at 7:48 last night weighing in at 8 lbs 13 oz and a whopping 21-1/4 inches, OMG he’s gonna be a tall one…………. Kudos to daddy Eric, mommy Chey and of course big brother Urlic, love you guys!

I'm getting to old for this....

I’m getting to old for this….

If you’re anything like my Husband, he thought this sounded weird (kinda like him, I suppose, ha ha)! As a Southern boy through and through and a lover of his fried green tomatoes and his bacon he shocked me with his reply; it was, “That sounds crazy to me!”. This wasn’t an original idea from yours truly but was inspired by a Chef Curtis who is a spokes person and chef for our local Winn Dixie and Harvey’s supermarkets here in Florida. Guess what folks, Husband loved it and is chompin at the bit for me to make them again in the very near future!


Fried Green Tomato BLT
  • Amounts depend on how many servings you are making
  • Green tomatoes (for the 2 of us, I fried up two small to medium green tomatoes
  • Bacon (for 2, four slices)
  • Lettuce
  • Bread of your choice
  1. Fry or bake bacon, drain.
  2. Fry slices of green tomatoes about ¼ inch thick, dipped in beaten egg and dredged in seasoned flour, until browned on both sides and fork tender. Drain on rack over paper towels.
  3. Toast bread, spread with mayo and assemble with fried tomatoes, bacon and lettuce.

Well off to hopefully talk to the new parents of Niklaus and finish up some dinner here………….. And of course, tomorrow is back to more of my extreme decorating for Christmas; family thinks I’m wacko, but they sure do enjoy it as I hope you enjoy these samwiches, Kenny’s version of sandwiches!

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Sep 192014

Taco Cheeseburgers Deluxe

Yesterday was National Cheeseburger Day and I was unaware of it til I saw it on Fox News in the morning! So with that, dinner plans changed; as you all know Ken and I don’t need much of an excuse to cook up something with our fresh ground hamburger! Maybe we should have named our site “The Hamburger Hut” or something of that nature!!!


Look out girls!!!!

Look out girls!!!!

But before I get into that, let me share with you what was on our agenda this week. First of all, we had to have a little work done on our car and that led to a trip to Gainsville and a chance to see great-grandson again :) He is growing in leaps and bounds and such a happy baby, it makes us so proud of the job our granddaughter and her fiance is doing in raising him!


The other thing on our agenda this week was putting up our new mail boxes in FRONT of our house. If you follow us you know

We are getting sooo handy!

We are getting sooo handy!

that we joke a lot about living in the boonies and for all the 10+ years we have lived here, we have had our mail boxes up on the main road therefore we had to walk or drive the car up to get our mail everyday, what a pain in the you know what ;(  that was. Well, today was the first day of real home deliverd mail and it was a pleasure to say the least! Sometimes the most simplest things in life really can make you happy! :)

Made one awesome Taco Burger!

Made one awesome Taco Burger!


On with the show or in this case a very simple recipe to spice up your life a little. I did use my own homemade taco seasoning for this but you can use store bought if you feel the need!


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Taco Cheeseburgers Deluxe
  • 1 lb fresh ground beef (I know that some of my followers use ground turkey instead and that's fine too!)
  • 1 packet of taco seasoning or homemade (I shared my link in the upper paragraph)
  • Lettuce, sliced tomatoes, sliced sweet onions and/or any other toppings you might use for your tacos.
  • Taco sauce of your favorite heat.
  • Salsa con queso (I use Taco Bell's)
  • This will make 3 to 4 nice burgers
  1. Mix ground beef with the taco seasoning, shape into patties and fry to desired wellness.
  2. Top with desired amount of salsa con queso until cheese is warm and gooey.
  3. Place on roll or as we did, toasted Italian bread and top with taco sauce, lettuce, tomato and onion.
  4. For a side dish, Kenny wanted nacho chips with MORE cheese sauce!


Ole! You have it, now go and enjoy your weekend!

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