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May 162013

Manic May Days Part II

Well, it’s time to do the rest of the Manic May Days in hopes to bring a chuckle to your laugh and a smile to your face!

Tomorrow, the 17th, has National Pack Rat Day and one that for sure is one for me! Through many years of collecting odd pieces at thrift stores and flea markets, I have come to realize that some of the things I picked up for a buck or two, are actually worth quite a bit more and it’s time for yours truly to open my own junk store! This day also holds the debut of the merry-go-round in Turkey way back in 1620, rode many of them in my time!

Yep, that's me with the big hat, HA HA!

Yep, that’s me with the big hat, HA HA!

The 18th is No Dirty Dishes Day and Visit Your Relatives Day. You could kill two birds with one stone on this one, just show up at their house at dinner time and wah-lah, no dirty dishes in your kitchen!

World’s largest Lego was completed on this day, the 19th. Somebody sure had way too much time on their hands! Send An Electronic Card Day is also in the works today, awe, isn’t that special! Frog Jumping Day, Ride A Bike to Work Day and National Bake Sale Day all fall on this date too. Aren’t bake sales illegal yet, I mean unless you have some kind of damn permit from our wonderful government or something?

The largest Lego constructions to date! WOW!

The largest Lego constructions to date! WOW!

The 20th is Be A Millionaire Day, so after we win the new Florida Mega Millions this weekend, Kenny and I will head off to Gainsville to collect our monies after we bid you guys a final adios amigos as we will have better things to do.

I Need A Patch For That falls on the 21st, and I’d like to have lots of patches to put over a bunch of our politicians mouths, anyone agree?  And again we have, End Of The World Day, wasn’t that suppose to be in December? Who makes these things up anyway?

Oh, I bet I know who made this one up, Toothpaste Tube Day! Yep, on the 22nd all those fanatics who squeeze toothpaste from the end of the tube, decided to get even with those who squeeze from the middle, I bet cha!

This gadget won't get you in trouble with those picky people!

This gadget won’t get you in trouble with those picky people!

The 23rd is Lucky Penny Day and that sucker better be heads up or it’s gonna stay right where it is as far as I’m concerned as I have had very bad luck with pennies with their tails up in the past!

Scavenger Hunt Day falls on the 24th and brings back fond memories of a time when husband put me on one in our apartment, leaving notes for me to follow in order to find a gift he had bought me, such a romantic! Today is also Mary Had A Little Lamb Day and I ask is there any “rhyme” or reason for this one, baa!

The 25th is National Something Day and makes me think of when I walk into a room and know I went there for a reason, but what was that something! Maybe a day in honor of us old fogies? Nerd or Geek Pride Day and makes me think of that James Bond movie Golden Eye where the bad guy says, “I am invincible”  just before he gets blown up! Don’t know why that popped into my head, must be that something day is actually working! Also today, National Brown Bag It Day. Now really, does anyone actually use brown bags for their lunches any more? If so, why did they invent vinyl  lunch bags and coolers to carry your food?

Kenny's lunch box in much better condition than his!

Kenny’s lunch box in much better condition than his!

Another Gone To Pott Day is on the 28th and it seems that day falls about every month or so! I guess the way things are going in this crazy world, it probably wouldn’t hurt to have this one every day!

And finally to end the month of May, on the 30th, we have My Buckets Got A Hole In It Day. Try bailing out your sinking boat with that one and see where it gets you, in a lot of deep water I’m sure!

Well that’s the best I can do for the end of Manic May Days! Hope you enjoy reading and I’ll be back with I jest you not June holidays real soon!



May 012013

Manic Mays Days

Another month brings up more of the stupid holidays that people like to make up and I swear, I’m going to make one up mayselph! But they do make us laugh, so I guess it’s a fun thing to do! As I’ve said before, I get these from all over the internet and not sure of some of their authenticity.

May 1st starts off with a bang! Play Your Ukulele Day, Batman Day, Mother Goose Day, National Bubba Day and National Dance Day! And then to top it off we have Global Love Day, like that’s ever gonna happen, wishful thinking!

Remember him?

Remember him?

Then we have a day of rest on the 2nd so we can gear up for the 3rd which is also packed full with days like, Kite Day, Lumpy Rug Day (don’t forget to watch your step!), Paranormal Day (must have been that pesky ghost who put the lump in the rug!), No Pants Day (they suggest the guys get out a pair of nice boxers shorts to wear to work, ha ha) and finally we have National Two Different Shoes Day and that one brings on a chuckle for me, as when the first time I met husband, I was wearing 2 different shoes and was so far from home could do nothing about it (at least they were the same color!)! Guess I had a bit of senility even way back then! Surprised he stuck around!!!!!!!!!!

International Respect For Chickens Day falls on the 4th, I have a lot of respect for chickens coming right out of the frying pan and onto my plate! Today is also Star Wars Day (some question on this one as it had a few different dates attached). And to top off today, Kenny’s favorite, National Home Brew Day which he actually would like to bury deep in the recesses of his mind!

One too many?

One too many?

The 5th is Cartoonist Day and love to read the comics every day, especially Pickles!

Then for the 6th we have No Homework Day and as I am way past my school days, I just won’t do any chores around the house on this day! The 7th is Paste Up Day and I’m not sure what that one is all about, but I could think of something kinda on the risque side!

The 8th is No Sock Day followed tomorrow,the 9th, by Lost Sock Memorial Day, duh? Shouldn’t that be the other way around?

lost sock

Oh the 10th, Root Canal Appreciation Day. Does anyone really appreciate having root canals done? Clean Up Your Room Day is also on this day and a good reason for me to get out in my work shed and get it cleaned up, been procrastinating too long! And finally, Trust Your Intuition Day, well all I can say here is that some days are better for this one than others!

I like the 11th, Eat What You Want Day, yes, yes and another yes! Stay Up All Night is today also and I’m sorry but that doesn’t work at my age, no, no and another NO! And as you all know, husband reads all my posts, so I have to say to him, FORGET this one, World Belly Dance Day!

The body just doesn't bend that way any more!

The body just doesn’t bend that way any more!

The 13th is Hug Your Cat Day and if my cat brings home any more kittens (just brought home two more this morn), Kenny is gonna hug them right around the neck! Frog Jumping Day, Leprechaun Day (bring that pot of gold to me, PLEASE), and what a lot of people suffer from today (I think a lot of you know who I am referring to here), Blame Someone Else Day!

Dance Like A Chicken Day is on the 14th and reminds me of a friend of husband’s, boy could he dance like a chicken! And as aptly as it seems, today is also Crazy Day, remember the song Crazy by Patsy Cline? I’m in trouble with husband with this one, as he hates that song with a passion and now he’s gonna have it stuck in his head for days on end!

To bring the first half of May to an end, the 15th is Dinosaur Day and yes at my age, I sorta feel like one of them, and Over The Rainbow Day and if my daughter reads this one, she’ll kill me because she’s gonna be reminded of The Wizard Of Oz movie that I used to make her watch every year when she was a kid! She’d probably report me today for cruel and inhuman treatment, glad I lived in a different time!

Ah, the black and white version!

Ah, the black and white version!

Well, more of Mays Manic Days later in the month,,,,,,,,,,hope you enjoyed!

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