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May 222013

This post brought to you by Arby’s. All opinions are 100% mine.

Arby’s Hawaiian Getaway Sweepstakes

Aloha! Here is some fabulous news—Arby’s and Kings Hawaiian bread has gotten together and came up with two delicious sandwiches. I have to say here, that Arby’s roast beef and Kings Hawaiian bread are two of my favorite foods. Really! Think about it, eat one of these sandwiches and your in Roast Beef Paradise! Arby’s calls it Roast-Beef atopia! I’ll buy that!

#1. Arby’s KING’S HAWAIIAN roast beef sandwich – Piled high with freshly sliced roast beef and served on a King’s Hawaiian slightly sweet bun. Is your mouth watering yet? No? See #2

#2. Arby’s King’s Hawaiian Roast Beef AND Swiss cheese sandwich – that awesome slightly sweet King’s Hawaiian bun with an extra helping of freshly sliced delicious Arby’s roast beef and topped off with Swiss cheese, creamy Dijon spread and crunchy pickles. I know, you need a napkin right now!

Wikiwiki! These sandwiches are for a limited time, so as I said; Wikiwiki – Wikiwiki! (hurry up – hurry up) Head on down to Arby’s and enjoy one or two of their Arby’s King’s Hawaiian sandwiches and let me know what you think! I’m going Friday!

Have you ever dreamed of surfing in Hawaii? How about just laying on the beach and sucking up that beautiful warm sun? Here is your chance. Arby’s is hosting a – now listen up – Arby’s Hawaiian Getaway Sweepstakes Arby’s customers will get a chance to win a grand prize! The winner will  receive a round trip vacation to Honolulu, Hawaii and a four-night stay in the Hilton Hawaiian Village. And that’s not all – for more details on the grand prize and to enter the sweepstakes you gotta visit this site www.Arby’s between April 29 – May 26. What? You haven’t signed up yet?
Wikiwiki – Wikiwiki!!!

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