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Sep 152014

Mr. Grill is calling all Grillers!

If you grill all summer, like most of us do…then your going to need the new Grill Brush from Mr. Grill. I was fortunate enough to be asked to try out the Grill Brush and I am soooo glad I did as mine was getting worn out anyway. I received my Grill Brush last Friday and couldn’t wait to try it out during our Sunday cook-out.

I was really impressed with the Grill Brush when I opened up the box. Mr. Grill’s grill brush features brass bristles and a solid oak handle. Sleek and sturdy looking. I was asked to do a review by Rizzi at Mr. Grill and all opinions are my own.

It finally came...

It finally came…

I always crank up the grill and get the racks hot before cleaning them. The Grill Brush, with it’s brass cleaning bristles, made it simple to clean and I loved the way the bristles fit in-between the bars on the racks. Knocking out the burnt on BBQ sauce that built up from the last BBQ. Um..We won’t go there.  My biggest problem with other brushes was the handle. No problem with the Grill Brush. The long oak handle feels great in the hand and you can really push down on the racks…thus…Cleaner Quicker!

Messy ain't it?

Messy ain’t it?

In-between those racks...

In-between those racks…

Cleaned like a pro!

Cleaned like a pro!

I really think Mr. Grill has a winner here. I will be using the Grill Brush on my grill from now on. Thank You Mr. Grill.

Oh…I’m glad you asked! We had steak and marinated Italian cauliflower. Then we tossed on some of my garlic bread that wife likes to add a little of her own touch to, women, can’t live with them, can’t live without them! Looks good don’t it and there was nary a bite left! I also forgot to mention that it also did a bang-up job on cleaning the smaller grill for the veggies and bread!

Grill it...or don't eat it!

Grill it…or don’t eat it!

If you try this brush I would like to hear your view of how well it works. It’s a steal at $19.95 and you won’t regret it.

Happy Grilling!

Mar 132014

Boiled Or Grilled Corn Is The Question

Fresh corn is starting to come into our veggie stands and grocery stores here in Florida. When growing up in New York, our garden always gave us an abundance of fresh sweet yellow corn every summer, a lot of which ended up being canned for those long winter months ahead! I can remember sitting at the compost pit with my dad with just enough fresh picked ears for the evening dinner, shucking away and making sure that I got every, I mean every piece of silk removed as to not get a verbal whooping by mom or dad! For years I cooked corn on the cob the way my mom taught me, bring water to a boil, throw in the corn, turn off the heat cover and let sit for about 5 minutes, no longer, and I was always happy with it that way! I’ve read some recipes that tell you to boil it for 10 to 20 minutes and I always shook my head in amusement, didn’t they know that they were killing those precious treats by over cooking? It reminded me of a family member who put corned beef on an hour before dinner time and thought it would be ready, wow, so tough from under-cooking!

The only way to grill corn!

The only way to grill corn!

Now, years ago when Kenny came into my life, cooking corn on the grill became my way of life you might say, as I have seldom cooked corn on the stove top since, almost 26 years now! Wow, that doesn’t seem possible, why do the good times go so fast? Again, I have read many recipes for cooking corn on the grill. Yeah right, you pull back the husk, remove the silk and then you have to pull the husk back up and secure it before cooking on the BBQ! Kenny’s version is much simpler and I’ll tell you why. When you roast the corn without removing the silk first, the finished product allows the silk to just peel right off as easy as the husk, simple right? Husband cooks the corn over medium-hot coals about 4 to 5 inches above the heat source for about 35 minutes and turning about every 10 minutes or whenever the outer husk starts to char a little. His way of testing if it’s done is by squeezing to cob to see if the corn is tender! When he first cooked it this way for me, I thought for sure the corn would come out burnt and way over-cooked for my liking and I have to say, I was dead wrong! It is tender, not overly done, so juicy and still so sweet.

So with that I leave it up to you, boiled or roasted? Let me know you’re favorite way to do fresh corn-on-the-cob. Summer’s coming soon to all my friends up north and tonight again, we’ll be in the 30’s here in the Sunshine State! Enjoy………….

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