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Feb 242011

 Biscuits And Gravy A Little History

Here’s just a little story worth knowing if you like biscuits and gravy!


American War of Independence

Early European settlers in the United States brought with them a simple and easy style of cooking. After the American War of Independence a meal emerged for people wanting breakfast. The supplies were very short and it had to be cheap. So came the biscuits and gravy. It was prepared in many different ways at first. There was the scrambled eggs fried in bacon grease and adding flour to it. Boiling a brown gravy mix and adding beaten eggs. There was also a concoction called chipped beef with gravy. In the south we came up with s_ _ _ on a shingle, to be polite. So how ever you want to make it, Biscuits and Gravy is great for a cool morning breakfast. Personally, I like it for any meal.

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