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Aug 292013

Chicken Avocado Bruschetta Video

Doing something a little different today, sharing a video with you by Claudia Lamascolo over at What’s Cookin’ Italian Style Cuisine! Her recipe is delightfully refreshing for these hot summer days and very easy to prepare, of course there’s avocado and chicken here, just two of my favorite food groups. Checking out her site that has been around since 2009, Claudia brings you some mouth-watering dishes that has been handed down from her family for many years and many more of her own dishes that she has come up with herself.

Claudia hails from up-state New York and not too far from where I grew up. From there she brings you many recipes from that region and so many more ranging from fried avocado to many different types of cheesecakes, casseroles, desserts and almost anything you can dream up for an authentic Italian dinner at home. Not having a drop of Italian running through my veins, I can make a few basic Italian dishes and throughout the years, no one has dropped dead from my cooking (just joking), thank God! Speaking of which, not the dropping dead part but the part of Italian dishes, my freezer is lacking in the spaghetti sauce and the lasagna department and it’s time for me to get it stocked back up with cooler temps just around the corner, at least I hope so! So with that said, I’ll stick to these chicken and avocado bruschettas and show you the video on how to prepare them by my guest host today. It was nice of you to let me share your recipe Claudia, thanks again!

Aug 012012

Weird Holidays For August

I think I made a mistake on one of my holidays on Saturday being lasagna day! After I posted it, I heard that it was supposed to be Sunday, not Saturday. I research many sites to find the holidays and might have wrote down the wrong day, so don’t be too upset with me, I’m just human!


August 5th:   “National Underwear Day”  Oh really, what does this mean? Do we make sure to change our underwear today or make sure  to wear our under panties or is simply wear clothes that let it all hang out so everyone knows we have them on!


August 6th:    “National Fresh Breath Day”  Shouldn’t this one be every day, gimme a break!
“Wiggle Your Toes Day”  Fresh breath and no toe jam all in the same day, just plain nutty if you ask me!

August 7th:    “Particularly Preposterous Packing Day”  Some woman must have come up with this one, as men can’t fit half of what a women can in any given container! Whenever we used to take a trip, I always did all the packing, including the car as husband said we had too much stuff to fit it all in, preposterous I’d say!

August 8th:     “Odie Day”  One of my favorite cartoon characters as long as he stays inside the comic strip with his tongue dripping all over all the time!

My buddy!

“Sneak Some Zucchini On Your Neighbors Porch Night”  I love this one as it reminds me of some pranks I used to pull on Halloween when I was young and a lot more mischievous than I am now, well at least in my mind! Of course today, all the things we used to do then are considered bad, kids just can’t have any fun today! Must have grown too much zucchini in the garden…….

August 10th:    “National Duran Duran Appreciation Day”  I think I know every word to every song they did! My daughter was a teenager when they were really popular and that was the only music she played, over and over and over again!

August 11th:    “Presidential Joke Day”  Okay, I won’t and refuse to go there, but I do get some pretty good jokes about Obama!

Couldn’t resist this one!

August 12th:    “Vinyl Record Day”  Music I played over and over when I was a teenager and knew every word to every song they did!  Still have my “Meet The Beatles” album, just wish I hadn’t written all over it as it would be worth money today, my BAD!

In much better shape than mine!

August 13th:    Now were talking! “International Left Handers Day” Being a lefty, this one is right up my alley. When I went to Catholic school, way back when, the nuns tried to get me to write with my right hand, as if it were a sin or something to use my left hand (maybe it’s the fact that I reversed words sometimes and one of them was God, which I would spell dog, not too popular with the nuns to say the least). Well my mom stepped in and put a stop to that nonsense and if you knew my mom, she didn’t kid around about such things! The funny thing is that I actually can write with my right hand, a lot slower and it is a little messier of course!

August 17th:    “National Thrift Store Day”  Another favorite as you never know what you can find! So get out on the 17th and support your local thrift store as most of them are there for a good cause!

August 22nd:   “National Tooth Fairy Day”  Boy I wish I was a kid today, they get a lot of money for those teeth…….. Loved the movie with the Rock as the fairy!

Funny Movie!

August 25th:    “National Second Hand Wardrobe Day”  As a teenager, I could go for weeks without wearing the same thing over or by mixing blouses and skirts! My mom worked as a private nurse for a couple that were quite well off and their granddaughters were the same size as myself. They shopped all of the best stores in NYC and changed their wardrobe like most of change our undies, hence all the clothes. I still have very few pieces of clothes that I bought new, thrift store here I come!

August 26th:     “Toilet Paper Day” More memories of Halloween, of course we only picked on people who were mean, oops, maybe that was why they were mean! Another strange tidbit for this one reminds me of someone I knew who grew up in Germany and she told me that they used to recycle their toilet paper back during the war days. Told her nicely that I really didn’t want the details on that one, toilet paper is meant to go down the toilet…………

Yes, I’m guilty, just not this one! Not stupid enough to take a picture of my crime!

August 28th:     “Race Your Mouse Around Day”  Does this mean your computer mouse or some varmint lurking in the house?

August 30th:     “Blame Someone Else Day”  Sounds like some of the kids today, “It wasn’t my fault!” seems to be the norm as a lot of them don’t want to take the blame for their actions! You can’t constantly call in sick to a job and expect to keep it, at least not when I was working! Oh, I forgot, they’re always right…………Yeah right!

August 30th       And Last but not least “Frankenstein Day”! More memories come flooding to mind. My girlfriend came down every Saturday and we would watch a mummy or frankenstein movie, terrified of the monster on that little TV screen. As things would start getting tense, my mom, who was listening from the kitchen as she prepared dinner, would inevitably jump into the living room and scream which would bring screams of terror out of our mouths. She did this with every horror movie we would watch and we never seemed to catch on, talk about naive!

Can remember this scene like it was yesterday and it scared the holy s*** out of me thinking he was going to do something to the little girl!

Well hope you enjoyed this month’s silly and crazy days and will be back next month to reminisce with more stories!

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