French Fries Ala Kenny
Recipe type: Frying
Cuisine: American
I hope they come out good for you!
  • Prep time depends on how many beers consumed at this point!
  • Cooking time, again depends!
  • Servings: As many as your cooking for, duh!
  • Potatoes..depends on how many people your feeding....right?
  • Onions..depends (again) on how many your feeding?
  • Bread crumbs..depends on how many potatoes and onion rings your cooking...right?
  • Granulated garlic...Turn container over till it sprinkles a little.
  • Seminole Swamp Seasoning..Splash it on good.
  • Salt and Pepper..Make it black and white all over.
  • Enough grease in a skillet to fry with.
  1. Clean can peel them if you like, but we like the skins on. They don't seem so naked that way.
  2. Onions...Cut into circles, sometimes that's not that easy!
  3. Combine the rest of the ingredients in a container large enough to hold the mixture and some potatoes or onions, which ever one your frying first.. Shake till they are coated well. I like some music on while I'm doing this part.
  4. Make sure the grease is fairly hot and start frying!
  5. When all potatoes are fried, the onion rings a golden brown and the burgers are done....Sit down with a cold one and pig out.
  6. Oh! Don't forget the ketchup....LOT"S of ketchup!!!!
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