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Dec 012014

Riced Spuds

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Although quiet here and not up to the huge dinner I usually prepare, there was still plenty to stuff husband and myself with and a few left-overs. Did have a couple of mishaps, well not too bad that is. Husband’s turnip greens ended up in the trash because of a bad ham hock I had in the freezer, that won’t happen again I assure you! The other not so bad thing was that I never opened my cranberry sauce and really didn’t miss it as my plate over-floweth!! My sister up in N.Y. forgot to take the stuffing out of the turkey and didn’t realize it until her husband said he had missed it, OOOPS! More for later Pat….

This ricer is dated 1887 and made by...Silver&Co.N.Y.

This ricer is dated 1887 and made by…Silver&Co.N.Y.

Well by the title, I’m sure you  realized that I fell into the riced potato thing this year that was everywhere you looked, internet, newspapers, magazines, etc. I am the proud owner of 2 ricers that hang in my kitchen collecting dust, no more!!!! Reading the recipes brought back memories of my mom preparing her potatoes that way when I was very, very young inspiring me to buy my antique ones at flea markets, just for the nostalgia factor. Younger people who see them hanging in my kitchen always ask what they are and if I use them; the answer to that used to always be no and now that will change as I have never had better mashed potatoes in my life, honest! It was Thanksgiving morn that Kenny approached me with fixing the potatoes that way and little did he know, it was already on my agenda. I followed one recipe that was in our newspaper and it was the lightest, fluffiest potatoes that ever crossed our lips. It did involve a couple of extra steps and maybe next time I’ll try cutting them down a bit but this is how we made them:

ricer,skins and mashed tatters 008

Yep! That’s the way they come out using my other old ricer.


Riced Spuds
  • 2 large baking potatoes (do not use red potatoes for this recipe)
  • Warm milk, about ⅓ to ½ cup per 2 potatoes
  • Butter at room temperature, about 3 tablespoons for two potatoes
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • You can add anything that you usually use for mashed potatoes, this was just the basic recipe and next time, I have to add my sour cream and chives to the mix!
  1. Steam potatoes over boiling water until partially soft; drain and let cool.
  2. Finish steaming potatoes until softened.
  3. Add cooked potatoes to your ricer and prepare as many as your ricer will allow.
  4. Add softened butter to the warmed milk and lightly toss with a fork to combine.


Hope you enjoy as much as we did. So dust off those old ricers because they still work or go buy a new one and start ricing…………And don’t forget to like us on Facebook or join our news letter to keep up with the latest recipe!

Aug 232014

Burger Scare And Our New Sign

Make it safe and save a dime.. Keep away from eating slime..

Make it safe and save a dime..
Keep away from eating slime..

These two things have nothing in common and today I was just going to goof off and show you our latest project, our new address sign in front of our home. Let me start with the bad news first and a warning to all those who buy ground beef from your grocery stores. When I was flipping through Yahoo this morning, I came across this scary story about the additive “Pink Slime” that they are adding to our ground beef because of the soaring prices of meat! If you go to the “Pink Slime” link that I have provided here, you can read it for yourself, it’s pretty hair-raising and another reason I urge you to grind your own meat at home and watch where you eat burgers from now on. The initial cost of a decent meat grinder may set you back a little but the flavor and the satisfaction is well worth the price. I always wait for my store to put chuck roast on BOGO and I stock up my freezer. By grinding our own, I also know that there is nothing added that shouldn’t be there, just pure chuck! Another thing I have found, and this is just my OWN opinion, is that I can keep it frozen much longer than the recommended time by most experts which is up to 4 months. I have kept it in my freezer for up to a year and it still tastes as good as the day we ground it. Of course I put it 1/2 pound bags and then put them in a plastic freezer bag to ensure that it gets no freezer burn and is air-tight. We’re still alive and kicking so I guess I must be doing something right!!!

Now on to the fun project! We used to have an antique maple syrup sleight from Vermont at the beginning of our drivewaythat also had our address numbers on it and every Christmas we would decorate it with a little Christmas tree with packages underneath it, Poinsettia plants all around and plenty of solar powered Christmas lights. I think it was the envy of our neighbors as they would always slow down to take a gander.

Gonna miss the old sleigh!

Gonna miss the old sleigh!

Well, when we put in our new driveway, the guy doing the work bumped it with his big Cat tractor and it fell to pieces. It had been out there for years and the weather finally took its toll as we were going to send it to sleigh heaven this year anyway. If you ever saw our home, it is laden with moosies, bears, pine trees, pine cones and antiques. A few years ago I bought a dispenser for paper towels, plastic wrap and tin foil all in one piece, I guess they still make them but remember the old ones? This was a new one however that I bought through “Collections” magazine and it did not stand up to the test of working very well which surprised me as most everything I have bought through them has been of pretty good quality. The back piece, as you can see in the pic, had bears and pine trees and it has been sitting in my shed broken for some time. Husband put in a couple of landscape posts and made the arrow with our numbers on it and when I went to my shed, I realized I could use the back piece of my dispenser to put our initials along with ranch underneath them. A trip to the store got us the perfect stencils for the project and now it was my turn to finish it up. We love how it came out and now the UPS man can find us again, ha ha!!!!

Pretty cool...don't ya think?

Pretty cool…don’t ya think?

Well I hope you all have a nice weekend and check out the link on the “Pink Slime”, but you might want to do that Monday as to not ruin your weekend, yuk yuk……….. See ya next week!

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