Aug 232014

Burger Scare And Our New Sign

Make it safe and save a dime.. Keep away from eating slime..

Make it safe and save a dime..
Keep away from eating slime..

These two things have nothing in common and today I was just going to goof off and show you our latest project, our new address sign in front of our home. Let me start with the bad news first and a warning to all those who buy ground beef from your grocery stores. When I was flipping through Yahoo this morning, I came across this scary story about the additive “Pink Slime” that they are adding to our ground beef because of the soaring prices of meat! If you go to the “Pink Slime” link that I have provided here, you can read it for yourself, it’s pretty hair-raising and another reason I urge you to grind your own meat at home and watch where you eat burgers from now on. The initial cost of a decent meat grinder may set you back a little but the flavor and the satisfaction is well worth the price. I always wait for my store to put chuck roast on BOGO and I stock up my freezer. By grinding our own, I also know that there is nothing added that shouldn’t be there, just pure chuck! Another thing I have found, and this is just my OWN opinion, is that I can keep it frozen much longer than the recommended time by most experts which is up to 4 months. I have kept it in my freezer for up to a year and it still tastes as good as the day we ground it. Of course I put it 1/2 pound bags and then put them in a plastic freezer bag to ensure that it gets no freezer burn and is air-tight. We’re still alive and kicking so I guess I must be doing something right!!!

Now on to the fun project! We used to have an antique maple syrup sleight from Vermont at the beginning of our drivewaythat also had our address numbers on it and every Christmas we would decorate it with a little Christmas tree with packages underneath it, Poinsettia plants all around and plenty of solar powered Christmas lights. I think it was the envy of our neighbors as they would always slow down to take a gander.

Gonna miss the old sleigh!

Gonna miss the old sleigh!

Well, when we put in our new driveway, the guy doing the work bumped it with his big Cat tractor and it fell to pieces. It had been out there for years and the weather finally took its toll as we were going to send it to sleigh heaven this year anyway. If you ever saw our home, it is laden with moosies, bears, pine trees, pine cones and antiques. A few years ago I bought a dispenser for paper towels, plastic wrap and tin foil all in one piece, I guess they still make them but remember the old ones? This was a new one however that I bought through “Collections” magazine and it did not stand up to the test of working very well which surprised me as most everything I have bought through them has been of pretty good quality. The back piece, as you can see in the pic, had bears and pine trees and it has been sitting in my shed broken for some time. Husband put in a couple of landscape posts and made the arrow with our numbers on it and when I went to my shed, I realized I could use the back piece of my dispenser to put our initials along with ranch underneath them. A trip to the store got us the perfect stencils for the project and now it was my turn to finish it up. We love how it came out and now the UPS man can find us again, ha ha!!!!

Pretty cool...don't ya think?

Pretty cool…don’t ya think?

Well I hope you all have a nice weekend and check out the link on the “Pink Slime”, but you might want to do that Monday as to not ruin your weekend, yuk yuk……….. See ya next week!

May 212014

Cheeseburger Fudge

With so much company coming for the weekend, there is little time to try new dishes and a great week to just munch on precooked meals tucked away in the freezer for times such as this and maybe share a couple of what sounds like very weird dishes I have come across in some of my cookbooks!
Daughter and son-in-law arrived around 5 this morning from Indiana and are off again to pick up a boat they purchased, another 3 hours south of here. Then back here to drop off the boat so they can head over to the Panhandle to pick up our grandson who is stationed there, so he can join in for our Memorial Day Cookout on Sunday. Did all my fellow cooks out there who were planning on going to @ReginasKitchen, hear that? The cookout is going to be on Sunday, NOT Monday so make the necessary adjustments so you don’t miss out because I will need some of that homemade Sangria someone mentioned! Possibly both granddaughters and their families will be here and if my daughter can arrange it, hopefully she too will join in the festivities. So as you can see, lots of cooking is on the agenda for this old soul! Then after the kids take grandson back to the base, it’s back here for a couple of days and then finally back home to Indiana. Wow, lotsa traveling and a short time to do it!!!

Works great too!

Works great too!

Yesterday, went junking at a thrift store and picked up a vintage Toastmaster waffle iron in excellent condition, probably from the ’50’s and it turned out to be another steal, I really should open up a store and start making money on some of this stuff I keep finding at dirt cheap prices!

Ain’t it cute?


I also picked up an adorable plaque with a lady chef holding a basket of fresh baked bread and it says “Good Food, Good Life”; Maybe that should be my motto? Kenny already has it hanging proudly in my kitchen! Then it was off to the feed store to get food for my new chickens (boy they eat a lot), and they had ferns and flowers marked down and the backseat of the car got filled up with another project for me to take care of this week; what the hell was I thinking? Of course husband was worried that there wouldn’t be enough room for our beer, guess my silly man forgot how much stuff I can pack into small places!


Well onto this crazy recipe, and not one I think I would try even with my love of burgers, but someone out there might be game. Maybe it tastes better than it sounds, who knows? This recipe hails from my Ground Beef Galore Cookbook dated 1999……….Really! If anyone has a photo of what this would look like..I’d love to see it.

Cheeseburger Fudge
  • 8 oz ground beef
  • 2 lbs confectioners' sugar
  • ½ cup baking cocoa
  • ½ cup chopped pecans
  • 1 cup of butter
  • 8 oz Velveeta cheese
  • 1-1/2 teas vanilla extract
  1. Ground beef in a skillet, stirring until brown and crumbly; drain.
  2. Press between several layers of paper towels to remove all excess grease.
  3. Combine the sugar, cocoa and pecans in a large bowl; mix well.
  4. Add beef; mix well.
  5. Heat butter and cheese in a saucepan over very low heat until melted and well blended, stirring constantly.
  6. Blend in vanilla.
  7. Add sugar mixture all at once; mix quickly and thoroughly.
  8. Spread in a buttered 9 X 13 inch pan.
  9. Let stand until set and cut into squares.
  10. Store in the refrigerator.


So now I guess you can see, it’s gonna be one wild and crazy week here for us with lots of cooking and not much time for experimenting in our kitchen…………enjoy and remember guys, Sunday not Monday!

Jun 272013

Let Freedom Ring

Our bell from the S.S. President Cleveland.

Our bell from the S.S. President Cleveland.

Kenny and I always read Dear Abby every day in our newspaper, old farts that we are! We’re running late today due to a heavy shopping list for the holiday next week, lots of good BOGO deals and lunch at a new restaurant in town and I did want to get something in before the day was over and this seemed so appropriate for this week to get the word out. Carmella LaSpada wrote into Abby a story that I had never heard before about President John Kennedy proclaiming the ringing of the bells nationwide on Independence Day in 1963, with the words “Let’s ring freedom bells!” The lady who sent this to Abby, said she was a White House special-projects aide at that time and remembered how exciting it was when the bells rang throughout the nation. She was writing to Abby to get the bells ringing but once again on this upcoming Fourth of July and for all the ones hereafter and she hopes to resurrect this proud tradition.

According to Carmella, we are to ring bells at precisely 2 p.m. (I assume EST) in honor of the 237th anniversary of our independence. She would like to encourage churches and all other buildings with bells to let them ring out at this time for all to hear.

Although we do not have millions of followers as Abby does, we are hoping that our readers on cooking-with-mama will share with everyone that they know and maybe with just a little help from us there will be many more bells ringing. She goes on in her letter to Abby, that the first groups to support this effort included baseball teams, National Cartoonists Society along with the, Iron Workers, Firefighters and Sheet Metal Workers unions. Also mentioned were other AFL-CIO affiliates.

Carmella LaSpada is also the founder of No Greater Love and you can find her at

At 2 p.m. next Thursday Kenny and I will be ringing out with an old brass bell from the S.S. President Cleveland that he brought home for me one day as a surprise, knowing how much I love old bells; and let me tell you, my whole neighborhood will be able to hear it ring. So, no matter what kind of bell you have, whether it be a dinner bell or a doorbell, let them be heard next week in honor of our independence. As Abby so aptly answered to the letter, “engraved on the Liberty Bell are the words, “Proclaim liberty throughout all the Land unto all the inhabitants thereof”.

S.S. Cleveland Ship

S.S. President Cleveland Ship

So thanks to Carmella and Jeanne Phillips’ Dear Abby column, for whom I would have not known this story, maybe we can add a few extra bells! God bless America!

Need I say more!

Need I say more!

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