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I was born in Orlando, Fl. in 1949. Not to say I care how old that is. My wife was born in Mahopac, N.Y. She prefers I do not give a date. My names Ken and (wife) Regina live in north Florida on ten acres. We really enjoy the peace and quiet of the country.

Regina has been in the restaurant business for over thirty some years. Not to say she cares how old that makes her. She has been cooking basically all her life, starting out with helping her Mother in the kitchen, and every chance she got there after. She tells stories of getting up on the counter and stirring things while her Mom and Dad would talk about every day things. In the mornings she would help her Mom make lunch for Dad to take to work.

Through the years she has collected a mountain of recipes, trying things out for herself, to getting recipes from restaurants that she worked at, and don’t forget the great recipes she has gotten passed down from her Mom and Grandma, and her brother and sister who also love to cook. I know for a fact that they are delicious and every meal is made with loving care.

Not as much in the kitchen as Regina, but I still know my way around quite well and enjoy fixing our Sunday omelets, cooking our steaks on the grill (mine dead and hers still mooing), and making some of my French Fries to go along with something she has whipped up. She loves it when she cooks in large quantities because I keep the kitchen cleaned up behind her (God knows she needs my help there!) … And of course there’s the grinding of our homemade hamburger and sausage that we always do together, what team work!!!

Doing all the tech work on our site after so many years of using the computer at my job, Regina prefers to just type out the recipes, do research and of course correct my spelling which is horrible according to her. Why can’t you spell something the way it sounds? I do!!!!

So, as we sit and type up these recipes (new recipes almost every day) and try to add a little something different to our readers, we hope you enjoy our site and feel free to  leave us a comment on any thing that you wish. We are always glad to here from you.

Thanks and come back soon!


Contact: hopalong53@windstream.net

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Comments (13)
  1. I’m sure with enough motivation, you’ll get here, ha ha!!!!

  2. Maybe :) If I can!

  3. I’m working on it! If I make it will you come? Ha Ha……………….

  4. I was looking and you do not have a chicken scampi….You should change that. :)

  5. Thanks for the comment Gloria and yes it has been a long time! Come on up and I’ll cook for us!

  6. Hi Gina ! I didn’t know how much to write so anyhow . Duane saw Michele at the Waffle House . Amy,Mark& I would love to see you!!

  7. Hi Gina ! It’s been a long time! Love your website Amy told me about it. Love the recipes!

  8. cooking guru

    Hi again, the donuts were the orange sour cream donuts and the county is Suwannee County which is right next to Columbia!

  9. The sour cream doughnuts. I hope I found them here! lol… I look at so many things that I do get a little confused. What county are ya’ll in now?

  10. cooking guru

    Hi, Yes I am talking about the Kapok Tree in Clearwater. Can’t believe your prom was there! Such a small world we live in, especially with cyberworld. What donuts were you talking about, I’m curious?? Hope you enjoy our site and sign up for our weekly recipe news!

  11. I haven’t read the entire site yet, but wondered if you were talking about the Kapok Tree in Clearwater? It was the site of my HS Prom, many moons ago. I was raised in Hudson, was in Charleston SC for 30 years and now also live on acreage in North Florida in Bradford County so you made me very curious as to where you are. I also can’t wait to try those doughnuts!!

  12. cooking guru

    Thanks Paula, it’s nice to have people like you supporting us. K&R

  13. Ken & Regina,
    How wonderful to see your site and I didn’t look long( want to get to bed)but I remember the Kapok Tree Inn. My parents used to take our family on Sundays and I do have some pictures of me, Theresa & John. Remember the Beatles bench? I remember the hushpuppies with corn and powdered sugar.And the swizzle sticks with the rock sugarcubes on them. We have lots of pictures and when we get together I will bring them. I just told my Mom about your letter and the two sites and emailed them to her. Best Wishes

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