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Jul 222016

Taco Quiche Boo Boo

Oh Look! There's the beef!!!!

Oh Look! There’s the beef!!!!

I thought that I would have a ton of comments on this asking “Where’s the Beef?”, because, just exactly is a taco without BEEF or at least some kind of meat! I thought of this at about 3 AM this morning and then it slipped my mind until this afternoon when Husband and I were grinding some more chuck roast to add to the freezer. After we were done I asked him if something looked amiss in yesterday’s recipe and he said something didn’t seem just right but he couldn’t put a finger on it. Then I mentioned that we just ground up some meat and it hit him! My apologies for my boo boo, like that’ll never happen again, yea right; believe that and I’ll tell you another one! I have fixed the error on the recipe and hope you all will go back and try again.
Well, it’s Friday, still hotter than Hades and I’m off until who knows when; maybe tomorrow……

Thanks for hanging in there as it’s been a couple of crazy weeks here at the hacienda! Enjoy your weekend and if you’re having some cool weather just think of me…………………Hey, it’s five o’clock somewhere!

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