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May 092015



Happy Mothers Day Ya'll!

Happy Mothers Day Ya’ll! These flowers are in my front yard….Love it!

Wanted to wish all our followers a very Happy Mothers Day with many more to come! Although my mom and Kenny’s mom are no longer with us, we still think of them on this very special day and wish we could share it with them just one more time! Although Husband does not buy me anything for this day, (I’m NOT his mom so he says, ha ha) he does like to fix me his wonderful western omelet for breakfast and then something on the grill for din-din. Gotta love it………..

flowers 007

Looking at my flowers….

Onto my Field of Flowers, and I literally mean my field! Before Kenny retired, he loved springtime when all the wild flowers came out along the side of the road and many a time he would stop on his way home from work, pick some and then hold them behind his back as he entered into our home trying to surprise me. I always knew what he was doing, but shhhh, don’t tell him……. Well to go on with the story, I used to always take the flowers as they died, out to the septic field and spread their remains; now do you get it?, field (septic) of flowers and spread their remains ( oh s#*!, don’t want to go there :( Any who, they have served as a beautiful view that I get to look at every spring as I sit at my computer and talk to all my friends out in cyber-land!
Thought this would be a wonderful time to share my anemone flowers with you as Mothers Day and flowers go hand in hand!
Again, Happy Mothers Day and if your mom is still with you, enjoy her as every day counts that you’re still together……………

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