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Apr 222015

                                              Handy Andy And The Chicken Coop Door

Works like a champ!!!

Works like a champ!!!

HI ya’ll…Kenny here to tell you the story of  “Handy Andy And The Chicken Coop Door”. I have been trying to figure out how to put a door in my chicken coop without having to go to the other side of the fence to open and shut it. So…this Easter Andy and the crew came over for Easter supper. While the women folk were cooking up the big meal (Per Regina..Slaving away in the kitchen with the girls), I told Andy what I wanted to do to the chicken coop. Of course that set his brain a smok’en and he started cooking up something that just might would work.

Well, I looked out the back door and there in front of the coop was a pile of wood from various sheds on the property where we store anything not in use at the time. First thought…what the hell…second thought…why not. Soooo….I went out to the coop to see what he had in mind. “Cut a hole and put a door on it”.. He said; “What kind of door and how do I close it?”.. I asked. We looked at the wood and we looked at the side of the coop. Yep! Cut a hole in it!

Now we have a whole…we looked at how to build the door. Andy came up with the design and we started cutten the wood and putting it together. We placed it on the hole and everything started to look pretty good.

Next question….How to open and shut it? Not to brag, but this was my idea.. Put a lever on this side of the fence and make it easy to open and close. After a few times of putting the lever on the door…we got it right.

Now we can let the chickens out to free range in the morning and lock them back up at night to keep them from being terrorized by local wildlife such as foxes and bears, oh my! Me and Andy are two pretty sharp cookies if I do say so myself……..Oh! If anyone would like the instructions on how these two smart dudes built this amazing door….Contact Andy!!!!

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