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Aug 082014

Crunchy Onion Coated Cubed Steaks

You know how French’s French Fried Onion containers give you a recipe for coating chicken? Well I am not a fan of onions on my fried chicken and many years ago I tried it on our cube steaks instead and that was it! Whenever I make these, I always make an extra or two for sandwiches the next day. Of course, plenty of sour cream mashed potatoes to go along with them and the left overs can be fried into potato pancakes the day after to go along with eggs in the morning or as a side for your sandwiches, either way it’s a winner here at the old homestead in the boonies!

OMG! Yes..Lots of butter! ;-)

OMG!  Yes..Lots of butter! ;-)


Crunchy Onion Coated Cubed Steaks
  • 3 medium sized cubed steaks
  • French fried onions crushed to make about 2 cups (you might need a little more as the steaks take a lot of coating)
  • ½ cup flour
  • 1 teas onion powder- we like our onion flavor :-)
  • Pepper to taste
  • 1 large egg
  1. Combine crushed onions with the flour, onion powder and pepper in a shallow container large enough to fit steaks.
  2. In another container, beat egg well.
  3. Dip steaks in the egg and then into the onion mixture, pressing to coat well on both sides.
  4. Fry in about ¼ inch of oil heated over medium to medium-low heat depending on your stove, until golden brown on each side and done to your likeness.
  5. Drain on a rack over paper towels and serve.


Well, it’s Friday, thunderstorms are nearing and it’s time to grab a brew (it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right?), sit out on the back porch swing and enjoy the wind and cooler temps! Hope we’ll all be back tomorrow and if not, have a nice weekend and enjoy…………

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