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Jun 182014

Life On Left Overs

Sorry I haven’t been around this week, but it’s just one thing after another! Of course we had Father’s Day and I didn’t cook up anything new as I promised Kenny a menu of just some of his favorite foods. Actually, didn’t want any mishaps in the kitchen like last week so I just stuck to the old tried and true that I was pretty sure would come out without a hitch. One of his favorites of course is meat loaf and I went with the BBQ version I’ve been making for years along with bacon wrapped green beans, mashed taters and beer biscuits. All went well and he was a happy camper.

My favorite meal...Kenny.

My favorite meal…Kenny.

Friday night I had roasted up a pork tenderloin with rice and a cauliflower/broccoli veggie and with both of those meals, we have been eating left-overs ever since. I’m not actually upset over this as the way the week has went so far, and I was thankful for not having to really cook, hence nothing new to post in the way of new dishes! However, I did get back in the kitchen today and will be adding that to our collection tomorrow…..

leftovers 004

Left over meatloaf..on toasted bread..Dunedin style..with jalapeno coated fries!

You see, Sunday we got another 1/2 inch of rain and our driveway could not be finished as planned and then Monday evening we got another 1-1/2 inches on top of that with more hail, scary after what happened in Nebraska! Our prayers go out to all those who lost loved ones and their homes! We need about 2 weeks of no rain so we can dry, dry out and don’t see that in the forecast. But wait, there’s more to Monday………. Saturday, husband got a call on his tractor that he’s had up for sale and the guy was supposed to come to see it, only to be a no show. Thought Kenny was going to get a nice present for Father’s Day, not. Monday we get a call from the same guy who had something come up and couldn’t make it and wanted to know if he could still see it. He fell in love with it, left us a check and went home to make arrangements to pick it up the next day! Well, the old Oliver has now got a new home and husband is scouring the internet to find another tractor, but this time with a bucket on the front and hopefully a fender that I can ride on without worrying about falling off onto the tire :) So between the driveway, Father’s Day, the tractor, the rain and so many left-overs to consume, I’ve been a busy camper…..

Good Bye Oliver~~~-:-(

Good Bye Oliver~~~-:-(

See ya tomorrow!

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