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May 102014

Happy Mothers Day Everyone

Have a wonderful day!

Have a wonderful day!


Just a quickie to wish all our moms out there a very Happy Mother’s Day and hope you get spoiled for the day! Kenny and I’s moms both have been gone for awhile now and our kids are either working or too far to visit so it’s all up to husband to treat me like a Queen for a Day with a big Western Omelet for breakfast and steaks on the grill with fresh corn on the cob for dinner. My mouth is watering already…….

It’s been a wild and crazy week around here and as I said, cooking would probably not be on my agenda! With Kenny still trying to figure out what to do with our site as everything he does is wiped out the next day, we are contemplating changing our sources and go a different avenue to keep our site active. Then he fell sick on Hump Day with a high fever and stomach cramps and accused me of giving him food poisoning, HA HA! Now would I do that? We both ate the same foods and I think he must have picked up a 24 hour bug last time we were in town and it just took a few days to kick in so I fixed him some chicken noodle soup for dinner and that night his fever broke. He was feeling human by Thursday and as I had to go shopping, I told him to stay home and rest for an extra day. Had to make sure he was up to the task of cooking my Mother’s Day feast on Sunday, yuk yuk, yuk!

On top of everything else, my vacuum decided all on his own (notice I said his) to blow out instead of sucking up the dirt, and our dog Jingles is shedding like mad, so now he’s (vacuum) in the doctor’s office waiting for a part to come in and God only knows when that will get fixed. Gotta love living in the country………..

Well that’s about all the news here from the hacienda but I did want to get out a greeting for Mother’s Day and again, hope you have a great day with your moms, kids and grand-kids. My special thoughts go out to Shawnee, Michelle, Sammi and Chey, the soon to be mom, love you guys and I will be thinking of you all!

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  1. Thanks Bonnie and hope everything does nothing but get better for you and your granddaughter! Hope you have a great belated Mother’s Day! Mine was great as Kenny did all the cooking from his wonderful omelets to steaks on the grill! Regina

  2. I meant “noisey”!

  3. Happy belated Mother’s Day Regina!

    My 2 1/2 yr.-old granddaughter has been very sick. She’s a little better now. Since she has CP, with poor muscle development, even a cold can take a serious toll on her…as it did last week. The doctors fought hard to even keep her out of the hospital!

    Because she was so sick, we postponed out Mother’s Day celebration…may do a little brunch out this weekend.

    Also, preparing for cataract surgery, so between poor grandbaby and pending surgery, I’m behind on a lot of things…like social media. Just hope the cataract surgery can go as planned, because I’ve had allergy problems (could affect anethesia).

    Just happy my precious granddaughter is a little better. I’m looking forward to this weekend!

    Just explaining why I’ve not been as “noisy” out there lately.

    Happy Mother’s Day again…to all!

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