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Feb 282014

The Martha Washington Cook Book


Thanks to my sister Pat!

Thanks to my sister Pat!

A few months back I mentioned that my sister Pat up in New York had bought me a present, The Martha Washington Cook Book. Well, yesterday it finally got here and after going through the recipes, I have my doubts as to trying out anything I have read as yet!

Mrs. Washington’s recipes are truly different from what we are use to today and a lot of them to be honest, kinda killed my appetite! Maybe I should let Kenny read some of them before we go grocery shopping to keep him from wanting everything in the store; or maybe not as he might be so grateful for the food we have today, he’d be even worse! One of those damned if you do, damned if you don’t situations if you know what I mean.

The dessert section isn’t too bad as all the ingredients seem to be of the norm, but there is no time mentioned for the cooking and back then they used the terms slow oven or moderate oven as they were cooking with wood. Can you imagine having to gauge how hot your oven is today? I mean, we just set the dial and let the oven do it’s thing! It’s amazing how spoiled we are today…….

Now let’s talk about the poultry and game section, WHOA! We have “Boiled Pigeons” which I’m sure a lot of people who frequent the parks would love to do to them, but eat them, that’s another story! Then we have “Stewed Sparrows”, I bet PETA would love that one, killing those poor little birds, oh my! There are a few recipes for mutton such as “Stewed Neck” and all I can remember about mutton was, every time we had a piece of lamb that was very strong in flavor and smell, my mom would say it came from an old lamb and she called it mutton! Oh yeah, my favorite turn-off, “Stewed Calves’ Feet”. I hope they washed all the cow pies from between their hooves before cooking, ha ha!

Mrs. Washington also cooked with a fair amount of wine and ale, all of which were probably homemade also. One of my most favorite sounding recipe was “To Make Pancakes Another Way” which calls for ale and white wine; now if husband sees that one I’ll be beckoned to the kitchen to try making them, I’m sure! Another recipe calling for these two ingredients was her “Apple Fritters”, all very new and unusual to me.¬† Another liquid used in a lot of her recipes was rose water which I’m sure was made from her rose petals from her extensive gardens, as it is noted in the book that nothing went to waste. I’m sure she would be appalled to see today’s waste that people put into our landfills.

So on that note, I am going to go get wasted, JUST KIDDING, but a good brew does sound good and it is OBIF Day………… If I don’t get back tomorrow, you might know the reason, and then again you might not, only the shadow knows! But I will be back in the near future with more on Martha Washington and her recipes………………….til then, and if I don’t see you tomorrow, have¬† a nice weekend and enjoy……………..

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