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Feb 052014

Cornbread Chops With Cheese Sauce Veggies

Not much new in the kitchen department of late but I guess you already knew that since our posts have been far and few between. Instead of writer’s block, I’m experiencing COOKING BLOCK! But hopefully last night might have been just the ticket to get the old noggin back on track. For the Super Bowl, Kenny and I just munched on some chili dogs and chips, nothing exciting (including the supposed, BIG GAME), as it was just the two of us and still not feeling up to snuff. Whatever got a hold of us this year can go away anytime now, but I don’t think the weather wants to cooperate as we are slushing threw the mud in our yard and even had to move our car to higher ground in the west forty to enable us to get out without getting stuck! It’s gonna feel like living in the old days with walking through the woods to get to the car and then hauling our groceries back to the house with wagons! Yesterday with sunshine abound, we broke record temps for our area and today it’s back to gloomy and more rain! Why can’t God send some of this precipitation out west where they need it?

Maybe we need to invest in a 4x4!

Maybe we need to invest in a 4×4!

Speaking of hot dogs, when we went shopping Friday, I went to two grocery stores looking for Oscar Meyer’s new bacon dogs and neither store had them in yet and had to come home with an old standby that happened to be on sale, Sabrett’s. Disappointed to say the least, and then I read some of the comments posted on our Pinterest site. My friend Bonnie, asked me about them and at that point, I hadn’t tried them yet and now I think I’ll just avoid them altogether, sticking to crumbled bacon on top or bacon wrapped dogs on the grill! If anyone has something good to say about them, please let me know.


Anyone tried these yet? Let me know what you think.

Now back to last night, Part I! Not doing the normal recipe section today but rather just sharing with you what I did different for din-din. I wanted some cornbread with our chops and didn’t have any left in my freezer storage but did have some corn bread crumbs I had dried out. I took the chops, salt and peppered them to our liking, dipped them in egg wash and then pressed them into the crumbs. After they sat for a little bit, I slowly fried them in my cast iron skillet with a little oil. I have made stuffed chops with corn bread dressing but never battered them that way and the result was soooo tasty that I will be doing it again.

Part II: Decided to have some fresh steamed veggies with cheese sauce to compliment the meat. For the holidays, I always like to have some port wine cheddar cheese spread to enjoy with crackers and had some left in the frig. Instead of using plain cheddar for my sauce, I opted to use some of the port wine spread along with Provolone, American, Swiss and Colby Jack! My cheese sauce is never the same and I always use whatever happens to be in my cheese drawer at the time which is usually just about all the basic types. So, I just made my white sauce as usual and started adding enough cheeses to reach the desired thickness. Wow, another success as the port wine added a nice pizazz which was enjoyed by both of us. Of course, husband had to say that he liked my old version just as well but I could make this one on occasion if I liked……again I say, MEN!

Yep! He ate every bite!

Yep! He ate every bite!

Well, I hope everyone is doing fine and keeping my fingers crossed that we get back on track…………….Enjoy!

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  2 Responses to “Cornbread Chops With Cheese Sauce Veggies”

Comments (2)
  1. Feels good to feel like eating and cooking again! Kenny still wants to try the dogs, but my instincts tell me no! Walmart is where I saw them advertised but we didn’t get there that day to shop (try to avoid that store if we can!). If Kenny tries them, I’ll give you a head up on the outcome.
    Take a va-ca to Florida and stop in for a visit, would love to have you help me cook! We could be the Julia Childs’ sisters and crack open some wine while we cook……….thanks for another comment Bonnie………..Regina

  2. It might be that the dogs are so new, they’re not on all the shelves yet…I’ve seen that happen. But, you’ve heard they’re not so good?

    Sounds like you actually have had your creative juices flowing! I think I’m ready for a vacation!

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