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Nov 072013

Almost Nothing Cooking

I had very good intentions this week of getting back to cooking in my kitchen, but as things had it, it was not meant to be I guess! But did get some news of something cooking, read on…………..

It actually started last week when my vacuum went on the blink and Kenny’s chain saw needed a tune-up so we decided to take both of them in to get their check-ups and get our weekly shopping out of the way. Monday morning the phone rang and I got some frightening news, well not really, just frightening that my age is starting to catch up with me. I didn’t think I was that old, ha ha! My granddaughter was very excited on the other end of the phone, and as calmly and as nervously as possible, told my that Kenny and I are going to be great-grandparents come July! Boy that one really started off the week for us. The real scary part of this is that, twins are known to run in her boyfriend’s family and she told me that one baby was enough for her first go-around as a brand new mom. Amen to that! But we are very excited to say the least with our first great-grandchild coming in the near future.

Picture 004

My mom’s last Christmas with her two great-granddaughters! My granddaughter on the right side of the picture ┬áis now grown up and going to be a mom too! Excuse the date on the picture as my cameraman screwed up, but I love you husband!

On the bad side of things, last week I got some news about my sister-in-law who got diagnosed with breast cancer and was going in this week for a double mastectomy, frightening thought for us older women. Not Donna though, she’s a real trooper and told me that she was still planning on a trip through part of the Appalachian Trail this spring. Her surgery was this morning, she went though it with flying colors and is going home tomorrow so my brother can take care of her! But today I have been on pins and needles all day waiting for the outcome and decided to get out my Thanksgiving decor to keep my mind off of things, something I usually do in October, but with the kitchen project, I was running late.

So, with all that said, someday I’ll be cooking again and not gonna say when, as not to jinx myself but yet again! Soon………….

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