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Aug 292013

Chicken Avocado Bruschetta Video

Doing something a little different today, sharing a video with you by Claudia Lamascolo over at What’s Cookin’ Italian Style Cuisine! Her recipe is delightfully refreshing for these hot summer days and very easy to prepare, of course there’s avocado and chicken here, just two of my favorite food groups. Checking out her site that has been around since 2009, Claudia brings you some mouth-watering dishes that has been handed down from her family for many years and many more of her own dishes that she has come up with herself.

Claudia hails from up-state New York and not too far from where I grew up. From there she brings you many recipes from that region and so many more ranging from fried avocado to many different types of cheesecakes, casseroles, desserts and almost anything you can dream up for an authentic Italian dinner at home. Not having a drop of Italian running through my veins, I can make a few basic Italian dishes and throughout the years, no one has dropped dead from my cooking (just joking), thank God! Speaking of which, not the dropping dead part but the part of Italian dishes, my freezer is lacking in the spaghetti sauce and the lasagna department and it’s time for me to get it stocked back up with cooler temps just around the corner, at least I hope so! So with that said, I’ll stick to these chicken and avocado bruschettas and show you the video on how to prepare them by my guest host today. It was nice of you to let me share your recipe Claudia, thanks again!

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  1. You’re welcome Claudia! It was fun to do something different on our site and we enjoy you’re videos and recipes. Have to share another one down the road. Thanks for getting back……….Regina

  2. Thanks so much for sharing the video and friendship. Sorry it took me so long to be appreciative to your kindness working retail and not off till today! Playing catch up. Thanks so much.. have a wonderful week.

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