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Jun 152013

Fathers Day

Happy Father’s Day to all of you dads out there!

happy father's day

Not really working this weekend, well not on the computer anyway except for this! I had planned on getting the end of the month silly holidays out there today (you’ll have to wait until Monday for them) and maybe a recipe but life has it’s unexpected glitches! Yesterday, Kenny got his Father’s Day gift, an older model Ford Ranger in beautiful condition for her age, with fairly low miles. He is such a happy camper now that he can get rid of some of the metals we have been piling up for the salvage yard, be able to pull the trailer again, buy hay and feed for the chicken and buy something big and get it home without worrying about getting it in the car! So today was spent mostly outside getting his new baby all cleaned up and shiny and I got some work done outside that I have been putting off, just to be out there with him. The weather today, was also a really good reason for not spending the day inside, hot in the sun but a beautiful breeze to cool you off!

Kenny has also changed his mind about eating on his special day; it looks like I’m back to fixing up a seafood extravaganza along with homemade coleslaw and hush puppies and for breakfast, a good old southern traditional of grits and eggs, what more could he want I ask?

Well anyway, just wanted to wish all of you guys out there that are fathers, a Happy Father’s Day and cheers to you all! Have a great day and see all of our friends on Monday…………..Have a super weekend!

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