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Jun 142013

Getting High Before Cooking

No, this story is NOT what you may be thinking!

cake 014

Of course someone had to pinch a bite off it!

Wednesday there was another near catastrophe in my kitchen. Kenny and I decided on removing the last portion of the top layer of laminate off our kitchen counter tops in order to redo them. That was fine, but we used a harsh smelling chemical, Goof Off, to remove the old glue. After we had finished the last section, I had planned to make the Almond Yeast Cake I had posted back in November of 2011, to accompany another fruit, cheese and wine dinner we were having that night. Warning here, if ever using strong smelling chemicals, do not plan on baking anything for dinner, eat left overs!

Wanting to get the cake done so it could cool down in time for dinner but desperately in the need to take a break and sit down as my head was kinda starting to throb, I pushed on to getting the cake started. Okay, it started with not having the amount of almonds called for in the recipe, could have sworn I had more, but not and would have to make do with the measly amount I had in the pantry (at least it had a little crunch)!

The next few things went okay until I started beating the cake mixture and thought to myself, this is way too thick, why I asked myself? Upon looking at the recipe again to see what I had screwed up, there it was, I forgot to add eggs, DUH! Now as this is a yeast cake and made with warm ingredients for the yeast to work, I had to add cold eggs and had no idea how much it would hurt the rising of the cake!

Putting the cake in a warm place to rise and returning to the kitchen to clean up the mess, I realized I had not added the little bit of almonds to the batter! By this time, I said screw it, took the almonds over to the cake, sprinkled them on top and just swirled them in hoping for the best!

After letting the cake rise for 30 minutes, it was time for the baking segment. I just threw it in the oven, said screw it again and hoped for the best. Upon taking it out to let it cool, I didn’t think it looked like the other ones I had baked before and again hoped for the better!

Well, dinner time came and we cut the cake, got out the fruit, cut some cheeses and opened a bottle of vino thinking I needed it to drown my sorrows. So the moral of the story, don’t get high before baking, save it for afterwards with a cold glass of wine or two.

cake 015

But I did save the best for last, Kenny complimented me and said it was the most moist almond cake I had ever made, YES Regina, there is a God, but then again, I already knew that!

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