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Nov 152012

Ash Roasted Sweet Potatoes

This story comes from the Florida’s Favorite Foods put out by the Department of  Agriculture, I believe to be from 1961!

Making syrup!

This is an old-fashioned method of cooking sweet potatoes to develop their finest flavor and one I have never tried before. To begin, you pick potatoes of the same size and wash smooth.

Make a bed of them in the hot ashes of a burning fire, cover well with more ashes and finally cover the top layer of ashes with burning coals. Roast potatoes until soft throughout. When cooked, peel and serve. It it said they should be served hot with butter, thought that was kind of a no-brainer!

This method of cooking is used in open fireplace or while camping. It is said that, it was frequently used during the time of making syrup and sugar on the farm when the hot ashes and glowing coals at the entrance of the furnace suggest it.

It may also be practiced on a wood stove, using the hot ashes in the ash pan as a bed for the potatoes and covering them with a layer of glowing coals.

I wonder if this method is still being used today or we all just too caught up in such a fast pace society where we use our microwaves to nuke everything or buy foods that are already cooked and we just heat them up! Sometimes I wonder how my mom used to work a full time job when I was young and still managed to keep our home clean and a home-cooked meal on the table every night! Of course, I’ve done the same thing, only when I cook, I make large batches of certain food so I can freeze portions for easy home-made dinners later.  I also realize that a lot of people would not have the opportunity to make these sweet potatoes, unless they could have access to an outside fire or a wood burning stove in their home!

Well, I just thought since sweet potatoes were on everyone’s mind this week, it would be a cute story to add to our sweet potato recipes!

Information in story courtesy of a Sarah W. Partridge, thanks!

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