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Nov 032012

Weird Holidays For November

Well like I promised, and I apologize for being late this month, here’s some of the crazy stuff celebrated for November! I didn’t miss too many that were too out of the box and again this month, I’m going to divide them up in two as there are quite a few!

Nov 1                   National Men Make Dinner Day! I like this one, unfortunately it’s our anniversary and we go out!

He’s proud of that baby!

Nov 1 & 2            Day of the Dead, shouldn’t that be DAYS of the dead? Scary to say the least!

Nov 2                   Look for Circles Day, as I search for these odd holidays, I have no clue as to

what they mean and really don’t care to know!

Nov 2                    Plan Your Epitaph Day, this could be fun as I could say all nice things about myself!

Nov 2-3              National Pumpkin Chuckin Day, yeah get rid of all those old rotten pumpkins, just not at your neighbors!

Nov 3                 Housewife Day, here I am working and it’s supposed to be a holiday for me, go figure!

Nov 4                 National Chicken Lady Day, husband calls me that every time I eat chicken, love my chicken!

Nov 4                 Use Your Common Sense Day, looks like the mayor of N.Y. finally used his yesterday!

Nov 4                 Waiting for the Barbarians Day, does this pertain to shopping during the holidays?

Nov 5                Bonfire Night, bring on the marshmallows!

Can’t wait for this!

Nov 6               Election day, finally going to get rid of those sick political ads!

Nov 6              Marooned Without a Compass Day, this is my husband driving!

Nov 7              Today starts Dear Santa Week, get those letters written to Santa kids!

Nov 9             Chaos Never Dies, sounds like some drama queens I know!

Nov 10           National Day of Play, get out and play with the kids or your honey! I found this for

                        two different days  this month,also on the 17th, so not sure which is which, but

                        you could celebrate both days!

Nov 10           Sesame Street Day, memories of playing with Big Bird in the stores and driving,

                        my then young daughter, crazy with embarrassment!

Nov 11    International Tongue Twister Day, do people still do tongue twisters? I know when I get

                a sales call, they have a hell of a time trying to pronounce our last name!

Nov 12    Happy Hour Day, happy hour every day here!

Nov 14    Clean Out Your Frig Day, I think this would be better celebrated after Thanksgiving!

How could anyone eat out of this?

Nov 17    Take A Hike Day, and that’s just what I’m gonna do for now so I can get some chores done around here!

Well I’ll try not to be late for the second half of the month for more weird holidays………..enjoy!

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