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Nov 022012

Shoes Shoes Shoes

With our anniversary to celebrate yesterday, everything just got all messed up this week, literally, but I promise to get out the wacky holidays today or tomorrow.

Not my shoe, but you get the drift!

We had a crazy day yesterday, as I had bought some Clark shoes at the thrift store that were in brand-new like condition and thought I’d were them yesterday as we were going out to eat. In the car, I noticed something odd and when I took a good look at my shoe, the sole was actually falling off and that prompted me to check the other one and the same thing. What to do! Husband suggested going to Wally World to get a new pair and I didn’t think they would stand up to that much walking and we were close to the thrift store that would require much less walking so I opted for there.

I really didn’t want to go to that store as I had had a real bad experience there on Saturday when stupid me tried on a pair of shoes and left my purse laying on the floor. When I realized it, we were up at the cashier and she said someone had found it and turned it in. Phew, that was close! However everything was there except my wallet! Panicky to say the least, husband goes out to the parking lot to see if someone might have taken out the cash and my credit cards and discarded the wallet itself. To no avail, and killing time waiting on the police, you know how long they take, we started searching the store and Kenny found my wallet in the changing room, everything there except for the cash! Now, I had put part of my money in a zippered compartment of my purse, so at least I wasn’t out the total amount of cash that I had just taken out of the bank. The security camera at the store was too fuzzy for the police to identify any one taking my wallet and the amount stolen was under the $300 limit for a felony if we could have figured out the thief so we didn’t make out a report as my license and credit cards were secure. All I wanted to do was get a couple necessities and go home.

Now back to yesterday! I found two pairs and choose the ones with the heels as they went better with my outfit. We found a couple of other things and paid for them and got back in the truck. As we were going to the next place on our agenda, something caught my eye again, the shoes I had just bought were also starting to come apart at the soles, apparently they just needed a little walking to start to come apart because they were fine when I inspected them, but they were no where near as bad and I did end up making it through the day with no more incidences to ruin our beautiful seafood dinner sitting outside in the fresh air!

Well three weird incidences, all with shoes in one week so I guess my bad luck in that department should be over!

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  2 Responses to “Shoes Shoes Shoes”

Comments (2)
  1. Crazy but true! Thanks Bonnie, we had a great day!

  2. Crazy story!! But Happy Anniversary!!

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