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Oct 202012

Crazy October Holidays Part Two

Like I said earlier this month, there were just too many weird holidays this month to put them all in one story, so as I promised here’s the end of the month’s that mostly pertain to Halloween!


21st   Babbling Day, this one must refer to us seniors who seem to babble quite a bit!

24th  Black Cat Day, our mother cat just had a black cat we’re gonna keep and name him Zorro!

25th  Trick or Treat Day, isn’t this suppose to be on Halloween?
Chucky The Notorious Killer Doll Day, well he did scare the hell out of me!

Never understood why anyone would make a movie about a doll gone berserk!

27th  Jack ‘o Lantern Day, I guess this is the day to carve those pumpkins!
Wicked Witch Day, this is every day for me per husband!

28th  Ghost Busters Day, who are you going to call to get rid of your ghosts?
Gone To Pott Day, another one for us seniors, as we have to go more and more!

29th  Dracula Bites Day, don’t go to sleep and get some garlic to avoid being bit!

I vant to bite her in the neck! She must have forgotten her garlic necklace!

Visit A Cemetery Day, can remember cutting through a cemetery to meet my girlfriend up home, of course we walked around it at night when the goblins and ghouls came out!

30th  Haunted Refrigerator Night, yeah right like the moldy cheese is going to escape and jump in the bed with you or something like that!
Frankenstien’s Monster Day, if he scared us so much back in the 50‘s, can you imagine if someone had slipped in one of today’s movies on our TV?
Create A Great Funeral Day, oh this one is a sickie but yet I got the most chuckles out of it! Husband and I have no  desire to put on a great display when we die, no no. Just mix up our ashes in a big beer keg, plug with cork and use it for a decoration or something!
Mischief Night, can remember ringing the big bell at the Greek Orthodox Church and waking the priests who would come running out in their night gowns with their long beards as we made our getaway, laughing at our prank. We did silly things back then that didn’t harm anyone…….

Mother-In-Law Day, now that could be scary, maybe they meant Monster-In-Law instead!

31st  National Knock Knock Joke Day! Knock knock. Who’s there? Ice Cream. Ice Cream who? Ice Cream every time I see a ghost!  Thought that was cute and fitting for Halloween!
And of course, last but not least “Halloween”! Not a holiday I celebrate, but husband and I did think about running around naked all day, that would be a spooky costume for us to scare all the neighbors, I hope it will be warm so we don’t catch a cold, ha ha!
Well folks, hope you enjoyed and Happy Halloween!

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