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Apr 272012

Mating Call Of The Baster

As I was sitting and watching the news the other evening, a rare and peculiar noise was catching my inner ear. I turned the TV down and to my surprise I heard it again….The mating call of the Baster! I went to the kitchen to tell the great news to my wife. She was doing dishes. I asked her if she heard the mating call of the Baster. She looked at me kinda funny and said,

” What the hell are you talking about?”

I said, ” Honey, didn’t you hear the mating call of the Baster a few seconds ago?”

She replied, ” Listen up, there is no such thing as a mating call for a Baster.”

I said, ” I was kinda wondering since I did not hear any thing calling back to the Baster.”

So, I went back to finish up the news and all of a sudden, there it was again! The call of the baster was ringing in my ears.

This time I was going to catch this little devil and convince my wife once and for all that I wasn’t crazy. I sneaked into the kitchen and the noise was getting louder.

And what did I see, my wife pulling my leg, just like I am pulling yours right NOW!




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