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Apr 262012

National Pretzel Day

Another day, another excuse to indulge!



Pretzels I believe, are loved by everyone and are as old as the hills as a baked snack. Well, I’m not sure President George Bush still likes them, as he choked on one back in 2002 and passed out, not a fun thing to have happen. He told a press conference after the incident “When you’re eating pretzels, always chew before you swallow. Listen to your mother”! He sustained a bruise on his cheek from the attack of the pretzel…….


Now the origin of the pretzel is not exactly known, but has many theories. My favorite one is that the monks invented them back in 600’s to reward children for learning their prayers ( I went to Catholic school for years and the nuns never gave us pretzels for learning, what’s up with that?). Their shape was said to resemble people crossing their chests with their arms. The Pennsylvania Dutch were responsible for bringing the treat to the United States; gotta love them for this tasty gift brought from Europe!


Did you know that there is a Pretzel Museum, Pretzel Park with pretzel shaped paths,  roller coasters shaped like pretzels, and the list goes on. Pretzels are pretty versatile, they’re great for dipping in onion dip, crushed up atop a salad, used for a coating for chops or chicken, mixed in your homemade trail mix and husband and I’s favorite one is just good ole “Pretzels & Beer”!


Well it’s getting late and I hear an ice cold beer calling from the frig, til tomorrow! Cheers……..




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