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Feb 172012

Fresher Homemade Egg Rolls
I prefer this version with fresh veggies and some canned!


1/2 cup oyster sauce
2 tbls teriyaki sauce
1/2 cup dry white wine
1 tbls soy sauce
1tbls minced garlic
1 tbls grated fresh ginger
2 bunches green onions, cut in 1/4 inch pieces
1/2 head of cabbage, slivered
3-4 stalks of celery, chopped
1 large carrot, shredded medium
1 bell pepper, chopped
1 can (28 oz) bean sprouts, drained
1 small can water chestnuts, drained and chopped
3 cups cooked meat, chopped (pork or chicken)
2 packages egg roll wraps
2 eggs
Stir fry together all vegetables in a little oil until cabbage is crisp-tender. Add all liquids and the meat, and bring to a boil for 5 minutes. Place in an air-tight container and refrigerate over night. Continue as in the above recipe, “Homemade Egg Rolls”, remembering to work quickly. It really helps if you have someone to help you when it comes to the frying, one to wrap and one to do the frying part. These little treats freeze really well which is nice because they do take awhile to prepare, but they are well worth it,,,,,,,trust me! And just a little note, if you have left-over egg roll wraps, slice them up and fry them in the hot oil until golden brown, drain on paper towels and sprinkle with a little salt. These are great atop a nice fresh salad…………

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