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Sep 292011


Read this little story!

Oh what stories we hear about saltpeter, and I’m sure you’ve heard some of them, need I say more! Saltpeter is actually potassium nitrate, and has no nutritional value, nor does it act as a preservative in meat. Saltpeter is what they use in your corned beef  that you buy in the store to keep the meat nice and rosy colored. The first time I wanted to make corned beef for Kenny and I, he told me he didn’t eat it because it was still mooing. I just laughed and asked him how it could be still rare when I cook it all afternoon in a big Dutch oven in simmering water. He said he would try it once and now 23 years later we enjoy corned beef quite a bit. And the moral of the story is, don’t stick your nose up until you try something new and find out how good it can really taste!

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