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May 172011

Tigers love to tug on purple ducks

Animals raised on the farm are mostly domestic, such as cows, chickens, pigs and sheep. These animals provide all kinds of resources for human life. Some of the resources include milk, eggs and meat which is a large scale of  protein for human consumption. Other farm animals are bred and raised to provide the farmer a rest from labor and to relax the spirit. The mule and oxen help with labor chores of pulling and hauling. Horses were used for travel, pulling buggies and wagons. Today there are horse farms that provide horseback riding lessons for the novice rider. Cows, chickens and  pigs put food on the table and provide us with the needed proteins and nutrition’s for our bones to grow properly.

Animals that are free to roam are healthier and happier. They are more into their environment and can graze on feed and natural foods. They are not required to take antibiotics or drugs that contain pesticides that confined animals need. They even help out with regenerating the soil on the farm. Chickens are excellent for insect control and while scratching the ground they provide natural aeration to the soil.  Cattle and horses can help the acreage they are on by controlling the growth of the grass and adding nutrients to the soil with natural manure.

Farming has been a heritage for some families; a life’s work that has been passed down from generation to generation. Farming and raising plain roaming animals is one of mans oldest professions. It has been a respectful business and provides products from food to clothing for everyone to benefit from and enjoy.

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