Sep 232014

Granddaughters Peanut Butter Cookies

Before I get to these yummy cookies, I have another story to share! Yesterday my dog was barking at the sliding glass doors at something and I figured it was just my alpha male cat Zorro, that she doesn’t like, NOT! Well, living in the woods you just never know what awaits your very eyes and this was a new one on me. It appeared to be a very large and fluffy Siamese cat with a short tail or maybe a large rabbit with very short ears. I was on the phone to my sister at the time and I went “What the Hell is that!” Of course she replied with “I don’t know, I can’t See it you DoDo!” Before I could get the camera, one of our cats went tearing after it which left me staring at an animal hoofing it, (or maybe kind of like hopping would be a better term),  for the woods. I went in to share the story with Kenny and in conclusion and after doing some research on the computer, we decided it must have been a small bobcat! We had seen tracks here before and my neighbor has seen them in her back yard, so we know they’re here but had just never seen one in person! Another species to add to our list of visitors in our back yard and people wonder why we never go outside without our guns in reach!!!! And now for the cookie recipe:)

Into the oven..My little pretty's!

Into the oven..My little pretty’s!

My granddaughter Chey just shared this very simple recipe with me this weekend and I just had to take a stab at it with my granddaughter’s vague description of how to make them. She had the ingredients down pat but was unsure of how big or thick to make them, if the original recipe called for greasing the pan as she does and most important, the temperature of the oven! God bless her, as cooking is not one of her fortes. But I did struggle through and found it to be one of the quickest and easiest cookie recipe I have ever made! I did have some peanuts in my cupboard along with some chocolate chips to top them off and with a very skeptical husband by my side, he had to admit they were pretty damn good! There is also a variation to the recipe and, that is, you can substitute 1/2 of honey for the sugar and that would have been the one I would have chosen if I didn’t have honey on my shopping list!

Need a LARGE glass of milk or a BIG cup of coffee?

Need a LARGE glass of milk or a BIG cup of coffee?

Granddaughters Peanut Butter Cookies
  • 1 cup sugar (or may substitute ½ cup of honey)
  • 1 cup of peanut butter (I used smooth and creamy but may try them with crunchy next)
  • 1 large egg at room temperature
  1. Mix all ingredients well with a wooden spoon, dough will be stiff and crumbly.
  2. Take by large teaspoonfuls, make into balls and place on lightly greased baking sheet leaving enough room to press them out with a fork. (They can be fairly close as they do not spread out as they cook).
  3. Top with a peanut or a chocolate chip and bake in a 350 degree oven for 7 to 9 minutes depending on how large you make them, DO NOT overcook.
  4. Let cool on cookie sheet until they have partially set and remove to wire rack to cool completely.


Can’t wait to make these again for the holidays……………enjoy!

Sep 192014

Taco Cheeseburgers Deluxe

Yesterday was National Cheeseburger Day and I was unaware of it til I saw it on Fox News in the morning! So with that, dinner plans changed; as you all know Ken and I don’t need much of an excuse to cook up something with our fresh ground hamburger! Maybe we should have named our site “The Hamburger Hut” or something of that nature!!!


Look out girls!!!!

Look out girls!!!!

But before I get into that, let me share with you what was on our agenda this week. First of all, we had to have a little work done on our car and that led to a trip to Gainsville and a chance to see great-grandson again :) He is growing in leaps and bounds and such a happy baby, it makes us so proud of the job our granddaughter and her fiance is doing in raising him!


The other thing on our agenda this week was putting up our new mail boxes in FRONT of our house. If you follow us you know

We are getting sooo handy!

We are getting sooo handy!

that we joke a lot about living in the boonies and for all the 10+ years we have lived here, we have had our mail boxes up on the main road therefore we had to walk or drive the car up to get our mail everyday, what a pain in the you know what ;(  that was. Well, today was the first day of real home deliverd mail and it was a pleasure to say the least! Sometimes the most simplest things in life really can make you happy! :)

Made one awesome Taco Burger!

Made one awesome Taco Burger!


On with the show or in this case a very simple recipe to spice up your life a little. I did use my own homemade taco seasoning for this but you can use store bought if you feel the need!


Taco Cheeseburgers Deluxe
5.0 from 1 reviews
  • 1 lb fresh ground beef (I know that some of my followers use ground turkey instead and that's fine too!)
  • 1 packet of taco seasoning or homemade (I shared my link in the upper paragraph)
  • Lettuce, sliced tomatoes, sliced sweet onions and/or any other toppings you might use for your tacos.
  • Taco sauce of your favorite heat.
  • Salsa con queso (I use Taco Bell's)
  • This will make 3 to 4 nice burgers
  1. Mix ground beef with the taco seasoning, shape into patties and fry to desired wellness.
  2. Top with desired amount of salsa con queso until cheese is warm and gooey.
  3. Place on roll or as we did, toasted Italian bread and top with taco sauce, lettuce, tomato and onion.
  4. For a side dish, Kenny wanted nacho chips with MORE cheese sauce!


Ole! You have it, now go and enjoy your weekend!

Sep 152014

Mr. Grill is calling all Grillers!

If you grill all summer, like most of us do…then your going to need the new Grill Brush from Mr. Grill. I was fortunate enough to be asked to try out the Grill Brush and I am soooo glad I did as mine was getting worn out anyway. I received my Grill Brush last Friday and couldn’t wait to try it out during our Sunday cook-out.

I was really impressed with the Grill Brush when I opened up the box. Mr. Grill’s grill brush features brass bristles and a solid oak handle. Sleek and sturdy looking. I was asked to do a review by Rizzi at Mr. Grill and all opinions are my own.

It finally came...

It finally came…

I always crank up the grill and get the racks hot before cleaning them. The Grill Brush, with it’s brass cleaning bristles, made it simple to clean and I loved the way the bristles fit in-between the bars on the racks. Knocking out the burnt on BBQ sauce that built up from the last BBQ. Um..We won’t go there.  My biggest problem with other brushes was the handle. No problem with the Grill Brush. The long oak handle feels great in the hand and you can really push down on the racks…thus…Cleaner Quicker!

Messy ain't it?

Messy ain’t it?

In-between those racks...

In-between those racks…

Cleaned like a pro!

Cleaned like a pro!

I really think Mr. Grill has a winner here. I will be using the Grill Brush on my grill from now on. Thank You Mr. Grill.

Oh…I’m glad you asked! We had steak and marinated Italian cauliflower. Then we tossed on some of my garlic bread that wife likes to add a little of her own touch to, women, can’t live with them, can’t live without them! Looks good don’t it and there was nary a bite left! I also forgot to mention that it also did a bang-up job on cleaning the smaller grill for the veggies and bread!

Grill it...or don't eat it!

Grill it…or don’t eat it!

If you try this brush I would like to hear your view of how well it works. It’s a steal at $19.95 and you won’t regret it.

Happy Grilling!

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